About Us


We offer bespoke activity packs for kids, including a selection of educational books, games, toys and healthy snacks.   Our eco-friendly bags represent great value for money, where combined prices are unachievable independently.  Our goal is to minimise screen time and to encourage learning through play. Too much screen time may lead to behavioural issues and affect sleeping patterns, especially whilst travelling.  We wish to minimise time spent on iPads and to encourage children to be creative and to use their imagination, in a fun and educational way.   


Our eco-friendly bags are kind to the environment and are made from recyclable cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic. We aim to bring you a selection of the latest must-have snacks and products on the market. A portion of each bag sold is donated to UK based Charity 'Changing Faces', which helps disfigured children and adults find ways to live their lives the way they want to. 


An expanding range of tried and tested toys and activities designed to entertain children in a fun and educational way. Carefully selected snacks to energise, whilst on the go. Our bags can be used whilst travelling, or simply as a treat on arrival at your destination. The excitement of the bag should not wear off, as we believe your child will want to explore their bag again once they arrive at their destination.  Each bag is hand-picked according to your child's development group - we do the hard work, so you don't have to!  Our stock is continually being updated and is dependant upon our retailers, so is constantly changing. Bag contents vary to those shown on our website, as our individual product stock levels are kept as low as possible. 


The key features of our bags include:

    • Made from eco-friendly cotton, which is kind to the environment and gentle on your skin.
    • Our bags offer fantastic value for money - you would never be able to put the contents together for the price that we sell them to you for.
    • We aim to minimise screen time, to help improve behaviour and sleep patterns whilst on the go.
    • We are a unisex fashion accessory and children feel good about wearing our bags.
    • We support the national curriculum, aiming to engage children in different ways.
    • Many of our activities offer 'STEAM' qualities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design and Mathematics) in support of the national curriculum.  
    • A portion of each bag sold is given to charity at the end of the year, so you can feel good about where your money is going.
    • We aim to develop your child's palate for nutritious food by introducing them to exciting new flavours.
    • Our product range is continually updated and we aim to find activities that your children may not have experienced before.  
    • Our bags encourage independence so that children are made to feel part of the travel process.
    • Our bags help children learn to organise their time effectively and improve their focus and concentration.
    • We are cabin friendly and car seat compatible.