So, how does it work?


Our bags include a unique formula of tried and tested 'hero' products which are made to order for every child. Our key product types and snacks are carefully selected for their educational and nutritional benefits. We handpick every bag, so no bag is the same.  We think long and hard about how our bags will occupy your child, making sure there are good activities that should keep them busy for hours. 

Essentially, this is a Travel Activity Bag for kids on the move - so we want our children to be surprised and to have some fun.  Each bag will contain a selection of products from the following categories:

  • An eco-friendly re-usable cotton drawstring bag.
  • 3 healthy handpicked  snacks in a transparent bag.
  • 10 activities from the following product categories:
    • Building sets (to encourage spatial awareness and develop 3D and lateral thinking)
    • Play-doh based products (to develop fine motor skills whilst being calming and therapeutic)
    • Colouring books (to encourage hand to eye co-ordination, focus and relaxation)
    • Arts and crafts (to aid creative thinking and boost self confidence)
    • Games (to Improve cognitive and social skills and encourage social play)
    • Toys (to engage a child’s imagination and encourage role play)
    • Educational workbooks (to learn new skills and facts whilst on the go)
    • Fictional reading book (to encourage reading for pleasure)
    • Drawing pad and pencils (for creative and free space thinking)
    • Puzzle books (to enhance problem solving skills and developing solutions)

Many of the products selected for our bags are unisex. We believe that unisex products are important to include in a child's toy repertoire in order not to limit their imagination.  

You can select how you wish your bags to be sent to you at checkout.  Please note that if you place an order on Friday, it will be despatched on the next working day (Monday).  Our bags come beautifully packaged in a 100% recyclable box.

Please make sure you order in good time before your next holiday, leaving at least two weeks before your departure date, or we cannot guarantee your bag will arrive in time.

Disclaimer: Please note, the products in our bags vary and every bag is bespoke to each individual customer.  We constantly update our stock and research new products to make sure our bags are up-to-date with the latest trends and must-have products.  Sometimes products go out of stock or are discontinued, which is beyond our control