About Us


It can be difficult to know what to send children to cheer them up, when you can’t be there in person. During lockdown we set ourselves a mission to help parents give their kids a break from screens, by providing entertainment packs for them to enjoy at home instead. Being a busy mum Alix was always putting together bags of activities to entertain her sons when out and about.  Friends started asking her to put together her 'Mary Poppins' bags for their own children, so Timeout Bags was born! Alix manages the business from home to fit around her young family.  A portion of bag profits goes to UK based charity 'Changing Faces'.  Packs start at only £12 for a ‘Get Whale Soon Pack’ to £25 for a pre-filled Christmas Stocking.
Timeout Bags provide the UK with an Award Winning solution to screen-free Activity Packs for Kids.  We are an online retailer, providing engaging activity bags for kids, crammed with books, toys, games, snacks and much more. We provide a bespoke service for busy parents who value traditional parenting methods and a screen time balance. 
Each bag is handpicked and made to order, containing the following items:
  • - An eco-friendly 100% Cotton bag.
  • - 3 delicious snacks.
  • - 8 activities, books, toys, crafts, games and puzzles. 
Our reusable kids' bags are kind to the environment and are made from recyclable cotton, which is naturally soft and hypoallergenic. We aim to bring you a selection of the latest must-have snacks and products on the market today. our stock is continually changing and we do not buy in bulk.  Each bag represents fantastic value for money, where combined prices are unachievable independently.  A portion of each bag sold is donated to UK based Charity 'Changing Faces'. In 2019 we gave 10% of our profits to charity - so you can feel good about what you buy.
An expanding range of tried and tested toys and activities designed to entertain children in a fun and educational way. Carefully selected snacks to energise, whilst on the go. Our bags can be used on holiday, or simply as a treat on arrival at your destination. The excitement of the bag should not wear off, as your child will want to explore their bag again once they arrive at their destination. Each bag is hand-picked according to your child's development group. 
  • Eco-friendly and gentle on skin.
  • Handpicked and made to order.
  • Handmade from 100% cotton, naturally soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Reusable and washable not compromising upon quality.
  • Value for money - unachievable at current market prices.
  • Minimises screen time, to help improve behaviour and sleep patterns.
  • Supporting the national curriculum, engaging children in different ways.
  • Tailored packs for children with special needs.
  • Offering 'STEAM' educational qualities in support of the national curriculum.   
  • Portion of bag proceeds goes to charity.  
  • Develops children's palate for nutritious food by introducing new flavours.
  • Continually updated product range creating new experiences.
  • Supporting creativity and independent play, encouraging independence and inclusivity.
  • Helping children learn to organise their time effectively and improve their focus and concentration.
  • Cabin friendly and car seat compatible.
  • Supporting local brands and businesses showcasing local farming enterprises within the UK.