Giving Back


Why Changing Faces?

We support UK based charity 'Changing Faces', which is a charity close to our hearts. We aim to help raise awareness about different types of birthmarks, and how crucial it is to get them assessed and treated from a young age.  

Our son Jago has had countless operations at Great Ormond Street in London. He has a venous malformation Port Wine Stain (PWS) which is treated by laser to reduce skin thickening and tissue overgrowth later in life.   

Changing Faces offer many free services to families, schools and individuals to spread awareness, educate and provide support for young people and their families.  

We hope to raise awareness of this amazing charity through partnering with Timeout Bags  - a portion of annual profits is donated to Changing Faces at the end of the financial year.



Our Unique Hospital Activity Packs

We have designed a bespoke Hospital Activity pack for children who visit hospital to take with them.  It includes 6 flat pack activities in a zippable waterproof wallet, but no snacks.  Have a look at our product pages for more info:



Giving Back

A portion of each bag you buy will support this charity. In 2019 we gave 9% of our profits to Changing Faces UK.  We hope to raise public awareness and generate support so that more children and adults can be supported through this amazing charity. What you buy can make a difference to someone and we hope this makes you feel good about buying one of our bags.

By donating, fundraising or volunteering, you could make a difference to the lives of people like Kazzi, David, Penny and Olivia seen in the film below. Changing Faces rely on donations to continue their valuable work.  

£10 could pay for a phone call with someone who needs help to cope with bullying.

£25 could fund a face-to-face session for a child to feel more confident at school.

£95 could cover the cost of a Skin Camouflage consultation.

£250 could help towards an online campaign to challenge unfair treatment in schools.