Best Travel Gadgets for 2020

Best Travel Gadgets for 2020

Get ready for your next holiday with our guide to the Best Travel Gadgets for 2020 which may be handy for your next adventure! Some travel gadgets are essential to every family's packing list, but we've found some great new gadgets you might not want to live without!

Mini Steam Iron

This compact and lightweight travel iron offers a super hot temperature range of up to 230°C, allowing you to remove wrinkles from most fabrics when you're on the go or in your hotel room as most hotel rooms don't come with irons.  This is the perfect mini iron to bring on any trip, it has a super small size that you can carry in your suitcase without any issues!

Ultimate Medical Kit

Our medical kit is the most important item that we take on holiday, even if we are travelling somewhere with good healthcare! And we think this pack covers all bases!  Specially prepared by Pharmacists, the Ultimate Medical Kit is the go-to medical kit for staying healthy on your adventure, including two antibiotics, hydrocortisone and other medical treats that parents just love to hoard!

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Do you like to do a bit of hand washing on holiday to keep on top of things? Well, The Scrubba wash bag is the easiest and most effective way to hand wash clothes when on holiday.  Featherweight it folds to wallet size and is perfect to bring with you on holiday.  No more hotel sinks or hand washing!  Simply fill with water, add travel detergent, close, and deflate, then rub clothes against the washboard inside, soak and voila!

Sand Proof Beach Towel

Does this even exist? Well yes, this product claims to be the leading Sand Free Towel on the market!  Hate sand? Well this might very well be perfect for you!  We love this Sand Free Beach Towel from Dock and Bay, just perfect for Travel! It dries 3 times quicker than a normal cotton towel, is compact and comes in many different colour way. It even comes in a fab travel pouch, just perfect for travel.  

Aerolite Smart Suitcase with USB Phone Charger Port

Looking for a new carry on bag to fill with all your family essentials when travelling? Well we think this carry on bag packs a punch for family travel!  With a built in USB Charger Point its great for charging up your electronics. It has SMART technology so unlocks from your phone with the touch of a button and you can even locate it when it comes into range, so no more losing your luggage! Plus, it has built in luggage scales in the handle and spinning wheels which make it highly manoeuvrable.   

Electrolyte Drops for Flying 

Overcome travel tiredness with these powerful and energising magnesium electrolyte drops!  Flying long haul or short haul can take its toll on your body.  By adding Electrolyte drops to your liquids when flying it helps with dehydration and is the perfect antidote for jetlag on planes.  It's so good that even cabin staff swear by it!  

Water purifier bottle

This fab bottle is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or clear natural water source into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds! Perfect for families who travel long haul to remote places where you cannot drink tap water. On top of removing harmful bacteria and protozoa, the unique carbon capsule reduces any chlorine, bad taste and odour - perfect for on the go.

Travelrest Travel Blanket

These ultra plush soft poncho styled blankets that come in two sizes, are guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy on flights or journeys.  Its the cosiest throw blanket on the market that we can find! And packs into a convenient pouch to stow away in your hand luggage.  Perfect for long car journeys, plane flights or just chilling at home in.  Why not pretend you're in First Class with one of these blankets, perfect for the whole family!  

Timeout Bags Travel Activity Packs 

Of course, no journey is complete without one of our Award Winning Travel Activity Packs for Kids.  Perfect for children aged between 3 - 10 years are packs are guaranteed to keep kids entertained during their journey.  Each bag is crammed with healthy snacks, books, games, toys and much more!

All photos on this blog are from individual suppliers. We do not receive a fee for any of the products that we promote. Our blogs are handpicked items that we love, like the products in our bags.

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