Healthy Snack Brands to watch in 2018

Healthy Snack Brands to watch in 2018

Kids love snacking, but if you're health conscious and want your family to eat foods that benefit their bodies, finding good 'on the go' snacks that satisfy picky eaters can be a challenge!  Here's our top healthy snacks for 2018, which bring back the power of positive eating and your kids will fall in love with! 

1. Nudie Snacks - Coconut Chips

A great tasting alternative to vegetable chips.

2. Squirrel Sisters - Raspberry Ripple

Delicious and guilt free with 100% natural quality ingredients.

3. The Giving Tree - Broccoli Crisps

Healthy vegetable snacks, counting as one of your five a day.

4. Beond Organic - Blueberry Bar

Packed with super powered berries and bursting with benefits.

5. Jelly Squeeze - Strawberry

Made with real fruit juice and no added sugar.

6. Kale-Os - Tomato and Basil Pizza

Light as a feather and divinely crispy.

7. Nakd - Orange Raisins

Fruity, firm and awesomely orange - the ultimate taste sensation!

8. Googly Fruit Crunchy Puffs - Corn and Carrot

Air puffed bites coated in tasty carrot powder.

9. Piccolo Blushing Berries

A smooth puree of zingy fresh berries blended with smooth banana and pear.


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