London Toy Fair 2018: Our favourite products

London Toy Fair 2018: Our favourite products

This year’s toy fair at Olympia was like a children's paradise, bustling with excitement, anticipation and energy - it felt like Christmas was making an early comeback! There were so many great toys to see, it was difficult to get round all of them! Most importantly, we found some great new pocket money toys for our bags from exhibitors, not yet launched in the UK. As a buyer, you get a feel for the toys up-close, and you get to meet newly invented toys hot off the press.  What stuck out for us this year, was an abundance of ‘STEAM’ (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) and ‘sensory’ toys, plus an increase in robotics and eco-friendly toys. Unfortunately, slime has made a scary comeback and was everywhere...! But don’t worry, we don’t intend including it in our bags - it doesn’t come out that easily! And that magnetic putty has had some scary warnings in the press lately - so that's a no from us too!  Here are our pick of the top new toys for 2018, we hope you enjoy them:

  1. ‘Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Kit’ from National Geographic RRP £29
  2. Dinosaur Egg Mini Tamagotchi, digital virtual pet RRP £8
  3. Mini Boos collectibles RRP £7
  4. Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Wands RRP £59
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Puppet Set, RRP £24
  6. Smart Egg labyrinth puzzle RRP £9
  7. Money Monster digital money boxes RRP £- (launching spring 2018)
  8. Tangle Fidget Toy RRP £4
  9. Ben 10 Omni Launcher Battle figures RRP £19




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