Children's Party Trends

Children's Party Trends

Looking for inspiration for your child's next birthday party? Well look no further as we've scoured the internet to bring you the latest kids' party trends for 2019!

Sleepy Teepee Parties

Sleepovers with friends used to be a simple affair with early midnight feasts, late nights and an excuse for sugar filled treats. However, trending over from the USA, Sleepy Teepee parties have become hot stuff here in the UK with amazing themes for both boys and girls from 'Spa and Mocktails' to 'Wild Child' adventures, there's a theme to suit everyone.  So if you want to take your sleepover to the next level, this might be a good choice for you!

Ready Made Craft Party Bags

If you're constantly searching for the next best party bag, why not take a look at Oglee Poglee's great range of craft party bags for kids? Oglee Poglee's craft party bags are a fun, wholesome alternative to sweets and plastic with each bag being filled with exciting creative materials based on different themes, providing endless entertainment for them to unwind with when they get back home.

Inflated Balloon Wands

If you're searching for the ultimate balloons why not buy some inflated balloon wands to give children to take away with them? Sent out inflated, all you need to do is pop the stick into the wand and you're ready to go.  These are also perfect as decorations and cake toppers so what have you got to lose?

Rose Gold Theme

We all want to get our party theme correct and Rose Gold is bang on trend right now! So why don't you pick this theme for your party and go all colour coordinated?!

Survival Parties

Very cool right now are 'Survival parties' suiting kids of ages, not just boys, with skills such as learning to make a fire without matches, building shelters, catapult water bombs and camo paint! This is a great theme if you are planning a party outdoors and perfect for teaching kids about survival in the great outdoors!

Craft Party Kits

This is a great filler activity at parties to fill in any gaps, so why not checkout Cotton Twist's latest news Craft Party Kits, from Carnival Mask sets to Building your own Unicorn Wands, there's something to suit all tastes!

A llama Sweet Table

Are Llamas the new unicorn?! The Llama has been tipped as the latest animal to take the world by storm.  No drama just 'Llama' with this cute scheme for your indoor party.  Fun and quirky, suitable for all, the Llama theme is great for those who want a 'boho' inspired party and this Llama sweet treats table says it all!

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